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due to geographical restrictions, taiwan is short of natural resources. over the past 30 years, the discarded branches and twigs from logging yard have been left in the rest to rot, wasting a valuable resource for production.
for this reason, the changhwa plant was established in march 1965. we utilized the wasted branches and hardwood to produce rayon staple fibre with initial production of 15,000 metric tons per year. there were 40,000 spindles of spinning machine and 510 sets of knitting machines. it was an integrated process plant.
in 1974, a nylon plant was established by continuously improving, the product capacity of nylon filament and rayon staple have increased at a jump-up pace.
fcfc now includes the 1st, 2nd, 3rd petrochemicals division, plastics division, textiles division, rayon division, nylon division and engineering division. they are located in changhwa ( 1965 ), ilan ( 1973 ), lung-der ( 1979 ), hsin-kang ( 1987 )and mai-liao ( 2000 ). as part of the sixth naphtha cracking project and for the continuing growth of fcfc, the company stepped into the field of manufacturing petrochemicals.
in 1987, a pta plant was established in lung-der, annual capacity of 1,700,000 metric tons nowadays. both ps and abs plants were established in 1991 and 1995 separately. the yearly production of ps pellets is 340,000 metric tons and that of abs pellets is 410,000 metric tons, the pp plant, start up in 2000, with an annual capacity 560,000 metric tons.
the major business of fcfc's now includes the sales and production of the integrated products from rayon and nylon and those of pta, ps resin and abs/ san resins.
environment protection has always been our company's first concern of all. since the company was established in 1965, has been invested on 976 cases of inhibition measure. the total amount of investment will add up to nt$ 14,296,000 thousand on environment protection.